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Undergoing chemotherapy is a life changing experience for any patient and those supporting them. Creative Forum worked closely with specialist nurses and medical staff at Sir John Ogden Cancer Centre in Harrogate to produce a sensitive film that explored and explained the realities of undergoing chemotherapy, featuring real people patients and doctors explaining in simple and manageable terms. Produced over an 18-month period, Creative Forum formed relationships with people of all ages and backgrounds and carried out many interviews to help the viewer understand the realities of undergoing treatment.

“It has been absolutely lovely working with you, I really enjoyed your visits! I learned so much about making movies! Now I know what happens with all that editing of endless clips of film I will never watch a film again without marveling at all the work that has gone in to it!”

Tricia Feber, Lead Nurse Chemotherapy, Harrogate District Hospital

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I would recommend Creative Forum to any prospective clients.
- Stephen Merrett